Tips from Experienced RV Travelers

Tips from Experienced RV Travelers

We asked some veteran RV enthusiasts to share some RV travel tips, and they did not disappoint!   

Seek Advice

Terri Robinson told us, “Educate yourself as much as possible and get advice from experienced RVers. It’ll take a few camping trips to determine what you really need.”  Lester Harrison advises, “Ask questions. I’ve never met any fellow campers who were not willing to help or give advice when we first started.”

We absolutely agree with Terri and Lester!  Check out RV websites and blogs and look into joining online groups on social media to gain knowledge and learn tips from experienced RVers.


Kim Brandt Lomax said what we’re all thinking.  “Leave the campsite like you found it. No litter.”

Unless your goal is to attract wild animals like racoons and bears, you must property store away all food and drinks, including your pet’s food.  Clean up all trash and food scraps, being mindful of where and how you dispose of your trash.

Waste Disposal

Our pros had plenty of great tips to give about RV waste disposal.

Michael Pregony offers up this advice: “Know the difference between the grey lever and the black one. Other than that enjoy camping!!!”  

Amy Luding Williams said, “Buy good quality poop tank cleaner/ deodorizer.”  Also worth noting, antibacterial soaps can kill the good bacteria that eliminates the bad smells in the gray tank.

Lester Harrison shared this great recommendation.  “Also if you are traveling campground to another, drop a bag of ice into the black tank while you travel, helps clean it.”

Justin Collier advises, “Leave some water in black tank. Don’t leave both valves open while hooked up or solids will build up and harden.

When staying in RV parks or campgrounds with hookups, don’t leave the black tank open, and wait until the black tank is at least 2/3 full before you dump.  Otherwise, you could end up with a clog.

Dump black first every time so the gray water can help to rinse and clean out the dump hose.  

Size Matters

Don’t forget how big an RV is.  You need to weigh your motorhome and balance your load, and you must know the height of your rig.  You’ll want to avoid situations where a canopy is too low for you to fit under.

Avoid potential embarrassment and damage by remembering when you are parking curbside, your vehicle may be hanging over the curb causing you to collide with trees and poles close to the street.   

Plan Ahead

If large crowds are not really your cup of tea, you should plan ahead to avoid them.  

Susan Coppinger said, “We never go camping during the winter or holidays too crowded! It’s crucial to reserve campgrounds in advance, especially during summer months and other peak travel periods.”  And Paul Dahlke told us, “Relaxing with the inflatable pool has been a nice weekend. Not fighting the busy parks with hundreds of guests.”

Also if you are traveling with your pets, you should check pet policies of wherever you plan to stay in advance.  Island Oaks RV Resort is a pet friendly resort with two fenced dog parks equipped with a baggie dispenser as well as a pet wash station for your convenience.

Final Tips

Do a Google search to find local RV driving, training, and safety classes in your area.

One final tip that is vital if you plan on spending any time outside of your RV from Reba Jones, “Buy plenty of bug spray!”

Please share any other valuable RV travel tips you’ve learned with us in our comment section below!

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