3 Lesser-Known Features of an RV Resort

3 Lesser-Known Features of an RV Resort

Location to Attractions

Some RV resorts feature amenities that will make them more like hotels than campgrounds and are typically situated near popular local attractions. It’s common to find RV resorts close to National Parks and State Parks, which gives you a more luxurious place to stay, while visiting these kinds of attractions.

An example of how an RV resort can be located close to excellent attractions is Island Oaks RV Resort. Our RV resort is found close to the Osceola National Forest. We are also located close enough for travelers to enjoy all the attractions in Jacksonville and Lake City in Florida. 

It’s not uncommon for RV resorts to provide easy access to top attractions. This is one of the best features you will find with an RV resort, but many travelers may not consider this feature.

RV Rentals & Cabins

If someone wants to enjoy nature without camping, an RV rental could be the perfect solution. In some RV resorts, they even provide cabins to rent out – giving people that camping experience without sleeping on hard ground (with pebbles!) without hookups!

These rentals are often set up on sites at the resort for use by those that don’t own an RV. They are RVs, but they are set up a bit like cabins. In some cases, RV resorts will also offer cabins, if you prefer to rent a cabin for your trip.

Fifth-wheel RV rentals are pretty popular, as they offer a larger amount of space for families and travelers. If you want to take an RV vacation, but don’t own an RV, you can rent one at an RV resort to stay in.


Arcades are an integral component of an RV resort and provide guests with plenty of entertainment during their stay at the campground. Arcades typically sit within a clubhouse, hosting regular events and gatherings – truly making the resort feel more like an enjoyable vacation than camping!

It may not seem like a feature of an RV resort that you need, but an arcade can be very helpful on rainy days or just to keep the kids entertained. Some RV resorts offer excellent arcades that can provide hours of fun for the entire family.

These are three of the features of an RV resort you might not be aware of. Whether you’re planning an upcoming RV vacation to Florida or another location, you want to make sure you know what you’re getting at the RV resort or campground you plan to stay at. Make sure you look at all the features before making your decision.

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